About Me – I’m Sagar Kunwar known as Rey Sagar on the internet world. Before I start flapping my mouth, how are you guys? all good? doing well? 🌲

Regarding Business On – I am the founder at KB Group X. It’s a community craft that connects Internet-based companies, websites, web services & community services. ∇∇

Rey Sagar about me
Rey Sagar

More About Me

Apart from that, I used to be a creator and I like to share the knowledge, beauty, art, feelings, emotions, happiness, nature, and enthusiasm of people through my creations, and inspire people all around the world. If that makes any sense 😃

The first thing I just wanna say, I’m not certified for anything I do, I’m doing it, just because I personally value these qurcky things and it makes me feel alive & gives me a sense of self-satisfaction just as you might get in other different things. For the education part, I’m an IT graduate student, and fortunately, ended up doing this stuff.

I haven’t done any of the courses in any field, neither I’m an M.B.A graduate, everything that I’ve learned is from the Internet and reading a lot of books.

The beginning was not easy & it shouldn’t be anyway, It takes a lot of effort to be really good at something, but for me, One thing I always believe is that, If I can feel it and imagine myself doing It, I can do It when I tackle that kind of mindest It doesn’t really matter for me how hard and difficult it’s going to be.

It’s absolutely on my radar…..

  • Just wanted to add up something…,

You might have heard already millions of times people saying it but take it one more time, just for a good shake 💨💨

Don’t be discouraged when someone says you can’t do this, It’s not possible for you, or we have never seen it before. That’s their point of view, not yours, Nobody knows what you are capable of doing, only you know what you are capable of, just be yourself & don’t worry about the Naysayers.

Everyone is born with a gift, It’s your responsibility to find what that gift is and use it to change the world. It doesn’t really matter where you are, what gear you use, where you came from, or how much you sucked in the past, It’s about your own nobility and the time that you invest in yourself every day.

Just keep in mind people are always nicer than you think, if you didn’t find one, be one, despite how brutally someone broked you. Because I know you are humble enough to be kind & gentle to other living beings.

Beyond that, I absolutely love to read books and listen to a lot of great people. It helps me discover new things every day, which also helps me to become a better person, as a creator or as a son, as a brother, as a friend, and more importantly as a good human being.

Eventually, that gives me the extra power to share that knowledge and experiences with other people all around the world.

In last, I just wanna say thank you for reading this. And Yes, I’m not special or unique to you, I’m just like you, Just a guy who is obsessed with his dreams and had enough courage to act on them. Always be nice, be kind, be humble & Share your experiences with other people & enjoy the journey.

Take Care of yourself because the world needs you.

  • // Be the reason people believe in humanity //

Quotes By Rey Sagar

  1. Life is an art, it’s better you draw like an artist.
  2. The best day of your life is the one when you decide your life is your own, so admit it, we being loved, cared, hated or ignored, but no apologies or excuses. Forgive those who hurt you because you know it’s a superpower, not everyone has owned it. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame, the gift if yours – it’s an amazing journey and you alone is responsible for the quality of it. That day your life really begins.
  3. Be proud of how you’ve handled the situation when you ripped off, the silent battles you’ve fought, the moments you have to humble yourself, the times you’ve wiped your own tears. We fall, we raise, we make mistakes, we’ve been hurt but we are still alive, at the end we’re human & we’re not perfect but we’re thankful that we came so far.
  4. Forget the perfection, Do more work.
  5. I’m only exist here, to grow as a good human being and create something what we believe is greater good for humanity.
  6. To all those whose heart is broken. I pray you will become a man with all the broken pieces that no one has imagined before.
  7. I appreciate all the things that happened in my life whether it’s good, bad, or worse, because that’s the only reason I’m here.
  8. I don’t think of all the misery but the beauty that still remains. Forgive those who hurt you & accept the apology you might never receive. Be compassionate to others because you know that’s the right thing to do.
  9. Always remember, that doing good for others in business is a good strategy.

Love you guys 🍂 You are remarkable ...

Rey Sagar