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I want to create a world that I want to see every day. 🫒

Love who you can, Serve where you can, Give what you can, Teach what you learn, Plant where it needs, Clean where is dirt, Feed when someone is craving.. 

Because, your life is not just about you It's about others.


we can make this world a little bit better than before in our existence.

Feed The World

Plant Trees

Clean Places

Share Smile


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Know more about rey sagar FAQ

Who Am I?

Hmm, that’s a tough question to be answered. Well, I’m Sagar Kunwar people know me as Rey Sagar. —— I’m just a guy who believes that people are nicer than they think they actually are & just want to make them realize what we can do for the shake of humanity with their kindness.

  • If you want to know the boring stuff about me you can check out this page here.

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

In short serving people, whether by teaching, giving, or helping. It gives me confounding self-satisfaction every time I found, that my little gesture can make a massive impact on someone’s life. 

Quotes by Rey Sagar ...

  • Life is an art, It’s better you draw like an artist. – Rey Sagar
  • I’ve only 2 intentions for people, Either I give my love, or help them achieve what they love. – Rey Sagar
  • The best day of your life is the one when you decide your life is your own, so admit it, we being loved, cared, hated, ignored, or destroyed completely, but no apologies or excuses. Forgive those who hurt you because you know it’s a superpower, not everyone has owned it. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame, the gift is yours – it’s an unbelievable journey, and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. That day your life really begins.Rey Sagar
  • Sometimes give your services for nothing. It’s a very gentle way to shake the world. – Rey Sagar
  • Dare to stretch your hands into the darkness, to pull someone up until you feel, that you have done something for someone who can never repay you. – Rey Sagar
  • Find a need and fill it. I mean Feeeel It. – Rey Sagar
  • Your purpose always molds into making other’s life better & your passion fuels the idea to glorify your potential to create anything that seems impossible. – Rey Sagar
  • Treat better than they possibly expected from you. – Rey Sagar
  • I wondered why somebody didn’t do something to make other people’s lives better. Then I realized, I am somebody. – Rey Sagar
  • It’s a very unhealthy feeling to live in a world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can’t change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit. – Rey Sagar
  • Be proud of how you’ve handled the situation when you ripped off, the silent battles you’ve fought, the moments you have to humble yourself, the times you’ve wiped your own tears. We fall, we raise, we make mistakes, we’ve been hurt but we are still alive, at the end we’re human & we’re not perfect, but we’re still thankful that we came so far.Rey Sagar
  • Admiration is more Important than a couple of more zeros in my bank account, even though I haven’t seen many since a decade. – Rey Sagar
  • We know how it feels to have nothing at all.
    So, our love and compassion for other people should be beyond any reasonable doubt, without any selfishness. – Rey Sagar
  • Forget the perfection, Do more work – Rey Sagar
  • Life is too short to be sad and miserable so learn from your mistakes correct them if you can and make the world a little bit better place on your existence. – Rey Sagar
  • The things that you say and do is the symbol of you.  – Rey Sagar
  • I’m trying to travel all over the world, By hoping that I’ll find someone to serve, who has nothing at all – just to shake off the humanity. – Rey Sagar
  • I don’t think of all the misery but the beauty that still remains, Forgive those who hurt you & accept the apology you might never receive, Be compassionate to others because you know that’s the right thing to do. – Rey Sagar
  • I’m only exist here to be a good man & show a good character, by hoping someone will catch me up, one day. – Rey Sagar
  • My dream is my absolute reality & whatever I do in my imagination, that’s the only way that I want to live in this world. – Rey Sagar
  • Oh, babe!! Don’t try to be perfect, because it’s like counting the stars, can you? – Rey Sagar
  • Don’t you know? We are all struggling, but people see only the strong side of us. We are all warriors and deserve a pat on our shoulders. The key to nudge yourself is that we are always special to someone and we are never a nobody. – Rey Sagar
  • Good people should always be treated well then they possibly deserve, Because there are not many in the crowd. – Rey Sagar
  • Everyone is born with a gift, it’s your responsibility to find what that gift is and use it to change the world, no matter how difficult it’s gonna be. – Rey Sagar
  • We are just lucky to be here, we are just lucky to have something to do with our lives, we are just lucky to have food on the table because not everyone is lucky enough to have those things. – Rey Sagar

Why I Read a lot of Books?

Before I start to read any books I used to listen to a lot of speeches & podcasts from the world’s greatest people I knew, I’ve listened to more than 1000 podcasts & speeches at this point.

When I was listening to those audios or watching great people advice, most of the time they used to tell like you should read a book all the time, and I thought to myself why not try?

  • Research has also shown that most of the successful people on the planet read every single day. You might hear Less Brown saying “If you read every single day for 5 consecutive years you’ll be the top 5% experts in the world”. and I took that thing very seriously.

So, obviously, I started because of the expectation that I can be better at a lot of things & learn new things every day.

So far the journey is amazing I never thought about this but I’ve learned a lot in the past few years by just reading. That’s why I read a lot of books because learning is never-ending and that’s the beauty of human lives, we are always evolving.

What Is My Daily Routine To Be Productive?

Daily Routine For Productivity

  • Get enough sleep
  • Do at least 30min- 45min morning exercise daily
  • Track your daily habits
  • Meditate
  • Don’t think too much before you do anything
  • Switch your task if you get bored doing the same thing every day
  • Make your to-do-list
  • Get positive affirmations
  • Do one thing that intimidates you
  • Read Books (30min- 60min a day)
  • Do self-reflection
  • Set your next day goals

Things that I love to do everyday?

  • Daily Workout (Feels Good After Sweating)
  • Self Reflection
  • Serving People If I Can
  • Try One New thing Everyday
  • Reading Books
  • Learning New Skills
  • Listening Podcast & Speeches 
  • Work Work Work (It’s Fun, mehhh)

How I Discovered My Passion?

It’s a long story I will tell you in one of my videos someday. It happened back in 2017 when I was in college but It changed over time with new interests & skills.

What I Do In Free Times?

  • Volunteering
  • Going outside for a walk
  • Spending time with kids
  • Write something
  • Watching videos
  • Play clash of clans
  • Do file management
  • Update my life roadmap & trackings
  • Do some research
  • Do some home organization
  • Spend Time With Friends and Family

Advice for someone who don't know where to start?

First Ask these questions to yourself

  1. What Do I Love Doing?
  2. More Importantly Why Do I Love Doing It? || Your WHY?
  3. What Might I Also Love, That Satisfies My “Why”?
  4. Am I Willing to Put in the Work?
  5. Can I Do That For Free as well?
  6. Am I Willing to Fail?
  7. Will I Make a Room?
  8. Is My Work Making An Impact In Someone’s Life?
  9. Am I willing to Give More?

Then Take these steps

  1. Set Your Goals
  2. Learn From the Best
  3. Be Different As You Are
  4. First See It Before Making It
  5. Build a Good Habits
  6. Make Peace with Uncertainty
  7. Create Meaning With Your Work
  8. Don’t Switch Your Goal If You Didn’t Make It
  9. Don’t Try To Be Perfect All The Time
  10. Help Others After Reaching Your Own

Hello, I’m Rey Sagar. I’m an Artist, one of Its kind. I love to create & try new things every day.

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