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If you want to enjoy a day with a touch of nature this is the place. Its beautiful views and waterfalls really calm the mind and give happiness. You can easily spend the day enjoying the waterfalls and the mountains in this place. You can make various memorable moments with your family and friends. Bottom line – A fun and thrilling day await you if you were to visit it. 

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Dropping down from a height of 20 feet, Bhivpuri waterfall is indeed a treat for the eyes. And further enhancing the beauty of the place is absolute green mountains around the waterfall. The hybrid sports offered at the waterfall combine thrills with the natural beauty of Bhivpuri. Out here, one can swim in brooks, rappel down waterfalls and go trekking. Many adventure companies conduct adventure activities around the waterfall. Walk down to the base of the falls and reward yourself with a refreshing dip.

The monsoon is a great time to visit the Bhivpuri waterfall because that’s when it will be in bloom.

Bhivpuri waterfall is 15 minutes from the railway station. One can take an auto-rickshaw from Bhivpuri Railway station to reach the Bhivpuri Waterfall. Autos are available at every 15 min from Bhivpuri Station.

Trekking and Rappelling are some of the prominent activities that take place around the Bhivpuri Waterfall. Tourists are also seen bathing in the waterfall. If one can have extra time at their disposal then do visit…

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