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Kali Gandaki River, Gulmi Nepal – Rey Sagar blog

This is the view of the Kali Gandaki river from Gulmi Tamghas Nepal. I spent my childhood here that’s why I know everything about this place. I spent most of the time swimming in the river with my friends and with my brothers because we love swimming a lot.

This is the place that we fishing together in our childhood times. there are lots of memories in this place and I won’t able to tell you what I learned from this place. I am always thankful to be here. when I get some time to spend I always bless full to be here.

In childhood, we are always searching for theĀ Shaligram (Shaligram Shila refers to a Vaishnava (Hindu) an iconic representation of Vishnu, in the form of a spherical, usually black-colored Ammonoid fossil found in the sacred river Gandaki. The origin of the name is traced to a remote village in Nepal where Vishnu is known by the name of Shaligraman. Shaligram in Hinduism is also known as Salagrama. The name Salagrama refers to the name of the village on the bank of Gandaki where the holy stones are picked up.) and when we found that we take to the home give to the mother…

A suspension bridge (Jholunge pul) is making it easy to cross the river.

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