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Lavasa Hill City, Pune – Rey Sagar Blog

Lavasa Hill City is all about relaxing your senses. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the surroundings and be as close to mother nature as possible. Leave the city life behind and enter a new world of calmness. That’s what it is all about. Follow some basic travel tips, like carry first aids. Worry about nothing, and make this trip the most memorable one of your life. 

I went to this place with my college friends in 2018 and it’s a really beautiful and managed city, and we enjoyed it a lot together. this is the place worth mentioning.

Lavasa hill city rey sagar blog

Many restaurants and other commercial stores are mostly closed.

The buildings have shredded their vibrant colors and there is literally nothing other than scenic beauty.

Also, the parking is expensive to be very specific

  • Two-wheelers entry: 200 Rs
  • Four Wheelers entry: 500 Rs

Lavasa is the first planned Hill city of India. It is being developed near Pune and Mumbai and is spread over 25,000 acres. The location and weather of Lavasa First Hill Green City are simply awesome, it’s located on the bank of river baji pasalkar just behind the varasgaon Dam. It is surrounded by rolling hills, clouds, and seasonal waterfalls and is full of green natural beauty. 

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